The Retail Registry began in 1999 as the electronic version of the printed Industry Registry books. 

Today, the Retail Registry is still the Industry electronic Directory - but thanks to technology advances...so much more.

T echnology has also impacted the Retail Registry  members.     To remain competitive, members have recognized the importance and growing role technology plays in  the consumer and the wholesale side of the business. 

The technology evolution is being driven by the consumer, as evidenced by popularity of social media sites such as..Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google, fueled by the growth of smart handhelds and tablets.  Consumers RULE...and they are coming - ready or not.   In the apparel related industry, Online sales growth far exceeds the growth of traditional brick and mortar.  Thriving and surviving in a down market demands keeping pace with were the consumer is.  They are online!  For many stores and vendors, their immediate mission is to "catch up"

The second industry challenge for many relates to the necessity of selling in both the wholesale (B2B) AND the retail (B2C) consumer market - often competing online with existing brick and mortar retail stores.   They are two different, demanding worlds with an abundence of diverse technology solutions for each.   You can't sell wholesale buyers showing them the current consumer  season, nor can you show the next season at cost to the consumer. 

Extend Find and Be Found with modern Directories, but also leverage this relationship  with state-of-the-art consumer and wholesale social media communities, apps and venues  to insure Retail Registry members are Seen, Connected and Sold.  

Connecting the wholesale and retail communities

Retail Registry venues  extend the members existing web presence and therefore, leverage their technology investment.    Next, load the communities with the latest  products, Apps  and services to extend member  engagement,  maximize sales and  enhance promotional program returns.

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