Coupons represent the second My Insider Deal promotion.   They closely resemble traditional retail store coupons.  Buyers can print and cut-out to redeem at a showroom, trade show or event.   Redemptions can also be via mobile smart phone.

The Coupon standard format is X% OFF "something" with "fine print" defining the conditions for honoring the Coupon.  Click here to launc your Coupon Promotion.    

Retail Registry marketing services create the Coupon and load the Coupon in the RR Vendor Promotions and The Aisles Insider Deals.
                                                                                                Next, promote your B2B Coupon to your email list.  Optionally, under My Campaign Services the Retail Registry can create a professional email campaign for wholesale buyers and launch it to the Retail Registry wholesale buyers, plus  showroom and vendor buyer email lists.

Coupon Charges.
$150 per each My Insider Deal Coupon Campaign Plus $1.99 per day hosting charge for the length of the campaign.

Standard Coupons

Printed Coupons

Gift Promotions


$150 One Time + $1.99/Day

Coupons are a more "traditional" form of discount programs with  universal buyer appeal

Coupons are NOT conditioned on meeting minimums for X number of Buyers to be usable.  The deal is always ON!

Coupons do NOT require the buyer to pre-purchase the coupon 

Coupons can run for a longer offering window. 

Redemption is easier and more flexible from the vendor and showroom perspective 

Full campaign program minimizing the vendor and showroom up front time commitment and expense.        



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