The Retail Registry partnered with Groupon to create a new and exciting Insider Deal Program for the wholesale industry (B2B) that enables buyers to purchase Groupons at a significant discount to be redeemed when placing an order in a showroom, or for a vendor.

Vendors and showrooms working  with their vendors, create a unique deal designed to put buyers in  seats during the show, promote a special collection, assortment, or delivery window.

The best part is their are NO out of pocket front-end costs for being featured on the Retail Registry Insider Deals Groupon Program.   We have removed the RISK and also minimized the amount of work for vendors and showrooms.

The Retail Registry helps showrooms create their Groupon Insider Deals, insure they are approved by Groupon and featured to "trade-only" buyers in the Retail Registry Community Vendor Promotions and The Aisles Insider Deal Aisle.  Buyers can SEARCH the RR Community Vendor Promotions or The Aisles to preview collection photos and deal highlights. 

Next, you promote your B2B Groupon to your email list.  Optionally, under My Campaign Services the Retail Registry can create a professional email campaign for wholesale buyers and launch it to the Retail Registry wholesale buyers, plus showroom and vendor buyers email lists.

Finally, the buyer purchase, Goupon printing and redemption (paper or smartphone) is managed by Groupon, the industries leading provider of discount coupons.

With the Insider Deal program you are days away from launching your showroom Groupon program.   Be creative, enter your Insider Deals online using our Insider Deal Form    It is that easy!

The Insider Deal program and the "push marketing" strategy is the most effective, risk free and guaranteed way to market your brand, showroom, vendors and bring you the one thing you always wanted from marketing.........

Charges:       FREE Groupon B2B Creation and Registration

Newest, most popular discount program for consumer market - RR first to bring the program to the wholesale market

Set minimum and maximum participation

Define a window of opportunity defining a buyer sense of urgency  

Program with home run potential - be creative

Share in the program revenues  based on the buyer purchase

Full control of the distribution and redemption through Groupon

Market to both your buyer emails and to the Retail Registry buyers

Fully integrated with one Buyers Groupon Account that is used for wholesale and retail Groupon offer purchases. 

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