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The My Insider Deal is a Global electronic venue for the wholesale market (B2B) to create and promote Special Offers for Buyers. 

1.  Enable Vendors to easily create incentive promotions that "Put Buyers in Trade Shows and Showroom Seats"   My Insider Deal's provides the latest electronic media from Groupon, plus the more traditional coupons, sweepstakes and gifts


1.  Choice of three (3) Insider Deal types (Groupon, Coupons & Gifts)
2.  Buyer promotion to two universes - the Retail Registry Community and The Aisles
3.  Deal Privacy - Viewing by authenticated Retail Registry B2B members 
4.  Hosted Insider Deals can feature flash photos (look books) and video
5.  Deal SEARCH - by deal type, show or industry classification and category
6.  Portability from Retail Registry Profiles with photo & video embedding
7.  Consistant buyer look and feel with all deal types, emails and details
8.  Professional email campaigns to include  launch and analytics  

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2.  Provide Buyers with easy to FIND Special Promotions venues based on SEARCH  by market classification and where they attend showrooms and Trade Shows.    

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3.   Provide Vendors with email campaign management to include design, creation, email management and program launch with evaluation analytics