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A FREE "self-posting" My Insider Deal marketplace for any vendor special promotion, sample sales, in-stock programs and other special offers.  The My Deal Store is organized by classification and can be searched.  Deals automatically expire in 3 months from posting.    

My Insider Deal   (Fee-based hosted on The Aisles )

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Vendors have the option to outsource the web campaign development and email promotion to the Insider Deal Staff.   Campaign development includes design of the promotional collateral, email launch, plus response analytics.  Email list options include the vendors emails, in addition to Retail Registry Insider Deals (opt-in) members.  

Buyer Opt-In Promotions/Deals from Groupon, plus non-Groupon traditional promotions (coupons, wild cards, gifts, give-aways, one-time special promotions and sweepstakes), can be featured on The Aisles.  What makes these programs unique is they are more complex to design and post.  For example, they may require Buyer registration and redemption.  They can be exhibited on The Aisles in an i-Deal booth,  featured in an e-Booth or e-Store.   Searching the Aisles will display i-Deals booths in the Search candidate set. 

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