The Multi-Line Showroom Promotional Program is designed for showrooms to manage multiple vendor promotional's in one place .    The promotion combo can consist of Groupons, coupons and gifts.  

The Showroom confirms each vendors deal designed to provide incentives for buyer to  shop in the showroom and, in some cases... for placing orders (vendor choice)

The theme is the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  This means a buyer may be motivated by one of the offers and come in, or come in because of the number of options.
Next, Showrooms can promote their buyer email and or launch the commuique to their Retail Registry colleagues.  Optionally, under My Campaign Services the Retail Registry can create a professional email campaign for wholesale buyers and launch it to the Retail Registry wholesale buyers, plus showroom and vendor buyers. 

 Buyers print the Insider Deal Promotional page or display it using a mobile phone    

Wild Card -Gifts

ANAMA  Apparel

One Time charge  $250

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Hosting $$2.99/day

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Multi-Line Showroom Promotions

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