Wild Card or Gift Promotions represent the third type of My Insider Deals.   They represent "all" other types of promotion designed to incentivize Buyers to come to a trade show, showroom or event.  Redemptions are far more flexible and can be verbal, printed or via mobile smart phone.

The Wild Card format is set, but the content is at the vendor and showroom discretion.  They define the deal and set conditions for claiming.   It is just that simple.    Click here to launch your Wild Card Promotion.                                                                        

Next, promote your B2B Wild Card  promotion to your email list.  Optionally, under My Campaign Services the Retail Registry can create a professional email B2B campaign for wholesale buyers and launch it to the Retail Registry wholesale buyers, plus showroom and vendor buyer email Lists. 

Vendors and showrooms go online to book their Wild Card/Gift Insider Deal and the Retail Registry Marketing Services will manage the creating the selected Wild Card Product.

Wild Card -Gifts

Wild Card -Gifts Sample

Gifts are a more "personalized" incentive directly benefiting the buyer in most cases.  A popular Gift Card, necklace, glass case, and makeup bag are examples of  a Gift promotion.

The primary marketing goal is to get the word out and put buyers in the seats.  Redemption enables the vendor, or the showroom to restrict the promotion from anyone who enters the booth or roo.   The Gift program has the flexibility for vendors and showrooms to make judgement calls on the event floor.

Gifts are NOT conditioned on meeting minimums for X number of Buyers to purchase.  

Gifts do NOT require the buyer to pre-purchase the Coupon 

Gifts can run for a longer offering window. 

Supported by a full marketing campaign  minimizing the vendor and showroom upfront time commitment and expense.        


Multi-Line Showroom


SHOWROOMS:  $250 for Multi-Line Showroom Wildcard Promotional campaign plus $2.99 per day hosting charge for the length of the campaign

$250 One Time + $2.99/Day
$150 One Time + $1.99/Day

VENDORS:   $150 per Insider Deal Wild Card (Gift) campaign plus $1.99 per day hosting charge for the length of the campaign



Gift Promotions

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