The Retail Registry Network (RRN) is a new channel of distribution providing  branded eCommerce stores to the wholesale industry and the retail community.  Our many-to-many network allows hundreds of vendors and thousands of stores the opportunity to market products to millions of consumers.   Our unique eCommerce platform provides an exclusive channel of distribution.   It is  Business (the wholesale industry) thru Business (the retail community ) directly to Consumers.  This is the Power of  In-Network.     At a fraction of traditional  eCommerce  web costs, the RRN quickly creates, builds and hosts, your customized branded eCommerce store.   As the electronic hub of the business, RRN handles all the complexities of running an eCommerce business, including all US sales tax, merchant banking, order processing, shipment tracking, financial reporting and federal tax reporting. 

In-Network vendors can  sell products through thousands of In-Network eStores.  In-Network retailers can select and sell In-Network vendor products in their eStores.  They earn commissions on products sold on their site.   This is the power of Business through  Business to the Consumer.  

Generate Revenue.

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Easy and affordable branded online eCommerce store

Start-up pre-packaged assortment "Ready to Go"

Live in hours

Increase revenue with a new profit center

Sell existing inventory online

Expand online assortment with additional In-Network products (that are not inventoried or financed)

No need to image, load or maintain online In-Network products

Become a RRN Partner

Bring your vendors and retailers

Earn commission on all of your vendor In-Network products sold.

Partner with many retail
stores to sell more products

Turn existing inventory to instant revenue

Improve cash flow with instant payments, using consumer credit lines

Easy implementation for image loading and inventory management

Become a RRN Agent

Bring your vendors and existing retail accounts In-Network

Earn commission on all products sold by your In-Network vendors and eStores

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Retail Registry Network
Retail Registry Network

.The Power of In-Network       

The Power of the Retail Registry Network

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