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Retail Registry Network
Retail Registry Network

The Retail Registry Network [RRN] is the electronic hub for eCommerce.  RRN  handles, on a web-based platform, all the complexities of running  an eCommerce online business including:  
          Web-store front branding and creation (in hours)
          Advanced inventory import technologies 
          Central credit card and merchant banking
          US Sales Tax (State-by-State) 
          Funds distribution to eStore owners, vendors,
              distributors and sponsor-partners
          Web-based inquiry and reporting for all In-Network
Vendors focus:
          Imaging product
          Loading and maintaining select products In-Network
              Using  the RRN NIC (Network Inventory Controller)
          Shipping orders to eStores or consumers

Retailer focus:
          Site branding, marketing and promotions to existing
                   loyal customers 
          Site merchandising - select categories,
                  and product

       Shops, purchase and pays with credit card

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