The Retail Registry Network [RRN] provides member Organizations with a RRN Partner Program to promote basic and pre-stocked eStores to their members.

The value proposition is providing a cottage industry "business" to members.  Organizations like Ladies Who Launch and Millionaire Moms are  examples of organizations who want to  assist their members  with new commerce opportunities. 

Pre-stocked eStores provide  new eStore owners with a single brand or assortment of products from one or multiple vendors.    The owner brands the site and they are ready to SELL to the owners audience.   Examples of a pre-stocked store are FoodnStuff,  Denim, Spa, Childrens, Gifts, Candles, Fitness and Green Office Supplies, etc. 

Basic eStores enables members to create their own categories and select products from multiple vendors In-Network. 

Partner organizations will  be provided with a RRN online virtual collaborative community  that will feature member  eStore owners and supporting In-Network vendors.  It will also highlight pre-configured eStores.   This  represents the ideal venue to promote communication among prospective and existing eStore owners.   The organization collaborative community  is not an ecommerce store - only a gathering place to promote In-Network  business-through-business relationships.

Organization Responsibilities:
     1.  Manage a RRN collaborative community as a sub-community in the RRN
          collaborative community
     2.   Actively promote RRN In-Network Program to members.
     1.  The Organization is pro-active in helping members start an online business.
          This could be there first step in opening a brick and mortar store.

     2.  Obtain a new revenue stream based on online ecommerce sales
           from all member acquired eStores In-Network.

                                      The Power of In-Network       



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