Basic eStore
The Basic eStore provides a fully-functional, branded eStore where eStore owners select product from In-Network vendors.  Two Basic eStore options exist. 

The eStore owner can select the standard Basic eStore, select categories, vendors within categories and products to feature on their eStore.   

                   Pricing:    Set Up    $1,000    Monthly Hosting $50/month  
The second Basic eStore option enables owners to select from a pre-packaged eStore containing product from one or multiple In-Network vendors.  eStore owners can brand the pre-stocked eStore and optionally add additional In-Network categories/vendors/products

                    Prices vary depending on the pre-configured eStore  



Basic eStore
Premium eStore

Network Inventory Controller (NIC)

Premium eStore
The Premium eStore provides a fully-functional, branded eStore where eStore owners (retailers and vendors) select product from In-Network AND add their In-Stock products.  Owned  inventory can be added using the NIC tool to assist in the electronic import.  The NIC also provides a browser interface to add products to the eStore.  Vendors will use the Premium eStore when they want to sell their products online directly to consumers   

                   Pricing:    Set Up    $2,500  Monthly Hosting $100/month       

Network Inventory Controller (NIC)
The NIC provides tools to import vendor products In-Network.  The import can be electronic or browser based.  NIC is used in the conversion and also to maintain inventory on a timed basis (minute, hourly, daily or weekly).   RRN technicians review and consult with vendors on the best NIC import method based on the vendors current inventory, catalog or eCommerce technologies.    

        Note: Prices vary depending on the number of product SKUs placed In-Network 

        Estimates range from
                                    Start-up    $2,500 to $12,000 plus 
                                    Monthly hosting at $100 to $300 per month    

                                                      The Power of In-Network       

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