The Retail Registry Network [RRN] enables individuals, showrooms and sales reps to become Agents that earn sales commissions by connecting existing retail store accounts and vendors In-Network.  RRN Agents are virtual distributors.  They offer existing retail accounts an eCommerce store front and existing vendors the opportunity to partner with In-Network retailers to sell more products.  Agents earn commissions on all In-Network products sold to the consumer by vendors and retailers that are contracted under an agent number. 

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Agent Responsibilities  
     •   Agents are required to identify appropriate vendors and retailers to become
            network members
•   Agents must actively promote and sell RRN program 
     •   Follow through and close the sale with a signed contract
     •   Maintain on an ongoing basis, retailer and vendor relationships to
            ensure appropriate product distribution  for maximized 
     •   Sign an Agent Letter of Intent.  
Retail Registry will Provide:  
    •   RRN product training
    •   Agent Branded Community to manage their In-Network    Sample 
    •   Monthly commissions 
    •   Online web-based query for financial reporting

    •   As a RRN Agent, earn commissions on ALL national online eCommerce
            sales generated by the vendors and retailers that you bring In-Network
    •   Unlimited opportunity !   On a first come, first serve  basis, contract 
           any and all vendors and retailers (not limited to your current    
           existing business partners)
    •    Your Revenue stream continues as long as your contracted vendor and
            retailer eStores remain In-Network



                                                  The Power of In-Network       

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Retail Registry Network

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