The Retail Registry Network [RRN]   provides  selected  Trade  Shows  and  Regional  Marts
with an opportunity to drive millions in additional revenue through an In-Network Partner Program that compliments today's physical market channel of distribution.  

The RRN is based on one simple premise.   It is business (vendors) through business (retailers) to consumers.   The RRN eCommerce many-to-many solution enables vendors to sell online through their existing stores, while not competing with them.

The role of the RRN Partner Program is to champion the adoption of In-Network eCommerce as an industry solution for the benefits of exhibitors and stores attending physical trade shows.   The RRN program addresses gifts, apparel shoes, accessories, and jewelry related lines.

RRN Partners will be provided with a branded web-based collaborative community that will provide In-Network stores and exhibitors with an online market to electronically collaborate.  All parties will have a simple business community profile.   This will serve as the business-to-business electronic market for the trade show/mart In-Network stores and exhibitors.  RRN will take an active role in maintaining this leading edge technology platform for the Sponsor.      

Program Requirements: 
     1.   Announce (PR) RRN Partnership Program
     2.   Market the In-Network Program for each show
     3.   Provide a minimum one page ad in each show book
     4.   Provide a project coordinator to coordinate the program and RRN community  
     5.   Provide RRN logo on
promotion materials and advertising
     6.   Provide a booth for RRN personnel during show times (manned by RRN)
     7.   Provide classroom for store and vendor training (conducted by RRN) 

Program Fees and Compensation:
     1.  Partners pay an annual program and monthly hosting fee.  They are featured on the
          RRN website and sub-community in RRN collaborative community
     2.  Partners will receive a percentage of all sales sold by stores and vendors enrolled 
          through the Partner venue.  Earning potential is based on the number of vendors
          and stores In-Network. 

 Contact us to review a detailed partner proposal and projections estimated to exceed
 double digit millions in return

                                                      The Power of In-Network       


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