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Retail Registry Network
Retail Registry Network

The eStore solution is ideal for established retailers.      The Retail Registry Network
enables retailers to select vendors and products that compliment merchandise carried in their stores.   Owners can add new categories or expand colors and size ranges, thus enabling them to test new products before committing to purchase physical inventory.   This is done without inventorying or using credit lines or open-to-buy dollars.

The Retail Registry Network eStore registration is online.   Implementation, branding and training is performed by the RRN technical staff.   Installation is completed in hours vs. months.

In-Network products are imaged, priced and loaded by In-Network vendors.

The Retail Registry Network manages all merchant banking, sales processing, sales tax, financial reporting and tracking.   RRN In-Network vendors pack and ship orders to the store or directly to the consumer. 

RRN eStore owners focus on marketing and selling merchandise.

Owners earn a commission on all In-Network products shipped. 

The RRN provides two eStore options for brick and mortar stores.
         The Basic eStore:   A fully functional, branded eStore, where owners
         select product, by category and classification from In-Network  vendors, 
         or purchase a pre-stocked fully functional storefront.

         The Premium eStore:   A fully functional, branded eStore, where owners
         select product, by category from In-Network vendors.   eStore owners have
         the added ability to feature their existing brick and mortar store inventory by
         utilizing the NIC tool to assist in the electronic import.  

Retailer In-Network Benefits:

     1.  Every Retailer can have a branded online eCommerce store (eStore)
     2.  Easy and affordable
     3.  Implementation in 2 hours
     4.  Expanded assortments without committing OTB dollars
     5.  No need to stock the inventory or finance it
     6.  No need to image, load or maintain In-Network products
     7.  No additional line of credit necessary
     8.  Increased revenue with new profit center

                                                      The Power of In-Network       

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