The Retail Registry Network [RRN] provides vendors with a new venue to sell parts or all of their collection online directly to consumers.    The RRN offers an opportunity for every vendor to partner with In-Network retailers to sell more product, thus turning existing inventory into instant revenue.  Vendors continue to control the distribution of their products to the eStores.

RRN is the electronic hub that verifies all shipments and processes all payments.  Payments for cost of goods are deposited electronically upon verification of shipment, thus, substantially improving cash flow.   RRN eStore registration is online and implementation, branding and training is performed by the RRN technical staff.    Installation is completed in hours vs. months. 

The RRN Network manages all merchant banking, sales processing, sales tax, financial reporting and tracking.

The Network  Inventory Controller (NIC) makes vendor implementation for image loading and inventory management simple and easy.   In-Network vendors pack and ship orders to the stores or directly to the consumer.

eStore owners are responsible for marketing and promoting the eStores to their customers.


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Retail Registry Network
Retail Registry Network

The Retail Registry Network provides two options for vendors: 

The Premium eStore:   A fully functional, branded eStore, where vendors sell their select  products directly to the consumer, utilizing the NIC tool to assist in the electronic import.
The Network Inventory Controller (NIC):   An electronic interface for managing and loading images and inventory onto the Network.

Vendor In-Network Benefits: 
1.  Payments deposited electronically upon shipment for improved cash flow 
2   A new channel for shelved inventory to turn into instant revenue
3.  Online presence for selected or all of a vendor product line
4.  Sell one-to-one (using vendor branded eStore and/or one-to-many (using 
     in Network retailer eStores)  
5.  eStores are the premier showcase for developing in-stock programs
6.  eStores  expand your customer base
7.  Option to go online and NOT compete with your existing retail store channel
8.  Increased earning potential....more doors mean more sales!
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