The RRN eStore registration is online and implementation, branding and training is performed by the RRN technical staff.   Installation is completed in hours vs. months. 

In-Network manages all merchant banking, sales processing, sales tax, financial reporting and tracking.   RRN In-Network vendors pack and ship orders directly to the consumer.

RRN eStore owners focus on marketing and selling merchandise to their existing customers or new prospects

There are two fully developed and functioning options for the online retailer

1.  The Basic eStore.   Online retail owners select categories and products from In-Network vendors to feature in their branded eStore.   This is done without purchasing or owning inventory.*

2.  The Pre-Packaged eStore.     eStore owners pick from a variety of pre-stocked eStores, ready to add their brand and immediately begin to generate revenue.*

       *eStore owners pay a small one-time installation start-up fee, plus a
         minimal monthly hosting fee.

Online Retailer In-Network Benefits:

1.  Every entrepreneur can have a branded online eStore
2.  Easy and affordable   
3.  Implementation in 2 hours 
4.  No need to stock the physical inventory or finance it
5.  No need to image, load, or maintain In-Network products
6.  Increased revenue with a new profit center
7.  Minimal investment

                                  The Power of In-Network       

Online Retailers

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Retail Registry Network
Retail Registry Network

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The Retail Registry Network [RRN] eStore is for entrepreneurs that want to start an online retail business, without th expense of stocking, shipping and/or managing a global eCommerce store.   It is also ideal for organizations and franchise operations that want to offer specific products to their members. 

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