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The Retail Registry Consumer Community, unlike the Wholesale Community, is "open" enabling vendors to establish a "business" social media experience with their new and existing retail customers.  This strategy  compliments and extends important customer interactions on Facebook, and other social media sites.  They are more "social" or narrow in scope, but provide an important role in capturing new prospects.  The Retail Registry Community provides a professional retail  arena that enables vendors to make their customer  relationship  "special" or a more "private" social media relationship.   The Retail Registry Community has all of the social media tools, blogs, forms, groups, photos, media, plus a rich suite of APPS to dialogue with customers.  The Retail Registry Consumer Community hosts and provides a true social buyer-seller exchange for the venues defined below.  Looking towards the future, the Retail Registry Consumer Community positions our selling members to evolve into new forms of consumer relationships and advanced consumer psychographics.  

Community Features ("Open" )

The Retail Listing Directory provides the venue that serves consumers (members or not) with a modern day directory for soft-goods, apparel related merchants.  The Listing Directory provides both an Alphabetic list of members by product category, plus a full SEARCH engine using categories, hash tags (search key words) and more.  The Listings Directory improves Search Engine Optimization, providing one more opportunity to be FOUND and link the consumer to the  registrants existing electronic collateral.

Special promotions and "push" marketing is the rage for promoting brands to consumers to the point of overkill.  So....we wanted to help organize "promotions" for brands and consumers.   We partnered with Groupon to provide local-based and daily deal promotions for consumers.  We housed the promotions in our own Insider Deal Store.  The Insider Deal Store also is home for non-Groupon promotions providing a full suite of promotions consumers can select and sellers can run.   Insider Deals creates the campaign, hosts the deal and promotes it to retail consumers.  

The Connection provides an virtual "mall-like" experience for consumers and the mid-tier soft goods, apparel-related manufacturers.  Customers can SEARCH for mall stores or shop the Mall floors.  Sellers lease storefronts with the latest APPs tailored to captivate and extend the consumer experience.   The Connection will expand the power of the Retail Registry Consumer Community to create a unique privileged store-client relationship. The Connection  Membership will have its privileges.   Members will have "a connection" that enables them to locate and purchase quality products in a unique, advertising-free environment.  For sellers...The Connection provides an additional storefront that links to their primary ecommerce selling store, or one hosted by The Connection.   Store owners must honor The Connection Member privilege any other promotion they publish the Insider Deal Store.   Look for "The Connection" in the first quarter of 2012 and "Get Connected"      

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