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We have entered the age of the Smart Phone. It is the new hand-held PC with 4G speeds making web access very feasible.  However websites are not organized to fit on a small screen - even with expanding and contracting. The goal is to rethink your web content to identify exactly (and only) what a mobile user NEEDS.....on the Go. This need may expand to multiple websites. The result is a Mobile website that serves as a menu for all website functions. It minimizes the expanding and contracting, while improving response times and links to key web collateral.

The Retail Registry designs and installs  a full-function Web 3.0 Collaborative Community  for retail stores, vendors, organizations and events  who want to interact with customers or build a member network, that can be added to an existing website. The community is branded for each vendor to match their website look and feel. Community members can share or post blogs, chat, forums, events, videos and photos, in addition to joining "birds of a feather" Groups. Each collaborative community is designed, branded and delivered on a turn-key outsourcing basis. Your only launch requirement is to add a "Community" tab to your existing website.

Today, eCommerce has grown to s-commerce (selling on social media), m-commerce (mobile phone selling), and n-commerce (selling In-Network).   Ecommerce is a must for stores and vendors.  It is the fastest growing segment of retail, but selecting the correct strategy may be more challenging.  Services from the Retail Registry can address all the new eCommerce jaundra, plus the traditional eCommerce web store.  A traditional web store, from the Retail Registry,  provides an enterprise scale B2C platform for retail stores and vendors to sell on the Internet. Designed for apparel, jewelry and footwear, our eCommerce program provides a rich set of functions supporting classifications and the addition of color cards, related pictures, multiple views, video clips and customer comments.   Back office functions include full merchant banking and order tracking. Hosting and implementation fees are based on the number of SKUs and project scope.

Web Services, from the Retail Registry, recognize today's need to have an electronic presence in both the consumer and wholesale market.  We understand many do not have the time, internal staff or local resource to implement the latest social media platforms, tools and APPS.  The following Retail Registry Services provide consulting, design and implementation tailored to your branding goals and existing web presence. 


We live in the new and rapidly  emerging age of online promotion with emails "Gone Wild," consumed with "push-marketing"  hourly specials, plus normal emails.  Special promotions and normal promotions are must do's, but care must be taken to develop a professional and compelling proposition - emails that get open and seen.   Marketing and web campaigns services, at the Retail Registry, were founded on promoting our venues to consumers and trade-only buyers.  We can assist with defining a program that  works best for you...followed by  our  design and implementation services. 

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Thanks to the popularity of  Facebook and Twitter, social media has now filtered to the business arena.  It is mandatory to have a "presence" on popular social media sites to capture a new jaundra of prospects that can be linked to your current web presence.  Efforts can also be extended to sell and advertise on Social media sites.   Services from the Retail Registry address your social media strategy and insure it compliments your core web presence, plus continues to feed and promote your brand. 

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