The  Video Gateway Card is designed to provide instant web identity for one  to six Videos  in less than five  minutes.  The user can auto-launch one video and optionally designate the any of the other links as phone, FAX, email, or website.  The eLink Video Gateway is an ideal companion to other eLink Cards or websites.    

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You can add the Retail Preferences (and others) from your back office to automatically create your search engine meta-tag Key words.  They will  be catalogued by the leading search engines.   The goal is to pull up your Video Gateway card with eLink, RR and leading search engines such as Google.  The forward and back links to your website will also enhance your search engine ranking. .

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Video and the eVideo Gateway Card  is the  ultimate  vehicle in imaging a showroom or collections for buyers, plus  training other representatives.   

With the Video Gateway Card you can automatically launch  a video introduction and then have the buyer click up to 6 more videos.

Visually the best people are presenting the line and the showroom.   It is a personal invitation for the buyer to come to the showroom and to see the line, or even promote via email to buyers who you did not see at market.

Video Outsourcing 

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This will enable you to link your Gateway card to a website and access it from the browser command line.

Today, because of YouTube's popularity, it is acceptable to informally shoot and present unedited videos less than  five (5) minutes.  Collections can do this and also load their Video  on YouTube, Google or other sites.  The Links are what you store in your gateway card - that also contains  the Search Preference keywords.

eLink provides professional services to create and load  your video Gateway Cards.  This service is $100 per video.  Video editing services should be contracted locally.